Michigan residents are being urged to exercise caution as the Better Business Bureau (BBB) issues a warning about a utility scam targeting unsuspecting consumers. According to reports, individuals are falling victim to scammers who pose as representatives of Spectrum Internet, promising discounted services in exchange for upfront payments.

The scam typically begins with victims receiving voicemails offering substantial discounts on future internet services from what appears to be Spectrum Internet. However, there’s a catch: customers are required to pay for several months of service in advance, with payments accepted only through gift cards. The scammers claim this method is part of a partnership agreement.

A recent incident in Mount Pleasant serves as a cautionary tale. A woman received a voicemail offering a 50% discount on her internet service, prompting her to call the number provided. The operator assured her of a three-year discount without contracts but insisted on payment for 15 months upfront. Additionally, the operator claimed to have added a $50 credit to her account. Consequently, the victim purchased gift cards totaling $420 as instructed. Upon failing to receive an email confirmation of her payment, she alerted law enforcement, confirming it was indeed a scam. Unfortunately, she was unable to recover her money as payment was made via gift card.

Spectrum Internet emphasizes that they never request bill payments via gift cards, wire transfers, or payment apps. They also do not offer discounted rates for a fee. Additionally, the company warns against sharing personal information with unsolicited contacts, whether by phone, email, or social media.

To avoid falling victim to utility impersonation scams, consumers are advised to refrain from making payments with prepaid debit cards or gift cards, as these methods offer no recourse for recovering lost funds. Furthermore, individuals should exercise caution when sharing personal information and avoid clicking on links or opening attachments in unsolicited